Eyvonne Harris

Eyvonne Harris was brushing her teeth bent over the kitchen sink. Without warning, a row of cabinets mounted above the sink came crashing down, knocking her to the floor and causing serious injury. She crawled to the phone, and was eventually hospitalized: Her back and neck were broken in several places, and she sustained damage to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and other soft tissue of her head, neck, shoulders, and back.

The apartment management company denied liability. At age 67, Eyvonne’s recovery was slow and expensive, requiring numerous doctor visits and months of physical therapy. Full recovery was not likely, given her age and the severity of the injuries. Finally, the accident ended Eyvonne’s career as a care-giver for the elderly, and with it, the ability to support herself.

With medical bills mounting, unable to return to the work she loved, and of an age where job training for a new career was not likely, Eyvonne turned to attorney Rob Kline and Rob Kline Personal Injury Lawyer for help.

Rob Kline devoted hundreds of hours to her case. He took a number of depositions, examined thousands of pages of medical records and other documents, reviewed the city building file, and hired several expert witnesses.

Pre-trial, Rob convinced a judge to grant his motion for summary judgment, finding the defendants liable for Eyvonne’s injuries. This would take the liability issue away from the jury, so all they would have to decide was the amount of her damages. Ultimately, the case was settled in mediation.

Finally, Rob helped structure the settlement so that it functioned more like a trust than a lump-sum payment, ensuring her a stream of income in her later years.

Rob was wonderful from day one. He was very supportive. I didn’t know what to expect, but Rob was reassuring, very caring, he kept telling me it would take time, and not to give up hope.

He made me feel like I was important, he was genuine, compassionate, able to put his feet in other people’s shoes. He was almost like a family member.

I thank him for the patience he had, and all his hard work. He didn’t quit, that was remarkable to me, and gave me a sense of confidence. He stayed with me all the way through.

Eyvonne Harris
Sherwood, Oregon

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