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Gresham's roads don't always accommodate cyclists as much as they should. Many drivers see cyclists on roadways as a nuisance, even though they have as much of a right to use the road as motor vehicles.
Unfortunately, this results in avoidable injuries to cyclists. Drivers who are distracted, under the influence of alcohol or other substances, tired, angry, or careless cause avoidable injuries to cyclists.
If you have been hurt in such a bike accident, you know that the damage goes far beyond the physical pain you are in — emotional and financial wellbeing can be affected because of someone else's carelessness.
Fortunately, Oregon law allows you to file a claim for compensation for all the losses you have suffered due to a careless driver.
Rob Kline is an avid cyclist who's been practicing personal injury law for more than two decades in the Greater Portland Area.
He's experienced in all aspects of personal injury law and knows how to win bike injury claims.
If you have been injured, contact Kline Law Offices P.C. today to discuss your options after a bicycle crash. Call (503) 224-6246 to schedule a consultation.

Oregon Bicycle Accident Statistics

In Oregon, bicycle accidents are not a rare occurrence. While current and complete data often aren’t available, we know that in 2018 there were 23 collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles in Gresham that resulted in some injury. Across the entire Portland metro area, three cyclists died and 27 suffered serious injuries in crashes with motor vehicles in 2018.

Compensation Available to Injured Cyclists

You may be entitled to compensation for injuries related to a bicycle accident from several sources. Kline Law Offices P.C. can advise you about the best options for your case.

Oregon Auto Insurance Laws and Your Bike Accident

If you have automobile insurance, it may cover some aspects of your losses in a bicycle accident.

More specifically, the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage required by your Oregon automobile insurance policy covers medical charges related to the crash up to $15,000 for two years. Wage loss benefits of 70 percent of your gross wages up to $3,000 a month also are available, as long as you are unable to work, for up to a year.

The driver who hit you while you were riding your bike—if they were insured under an Oregon policy—has PIP coverage. The driver’s policy should extend coverage for medical bills and lost wages that exceed the coverage limits of your PIP policy and other available sources of insurance.

Additionally, if the driver who hit you was uninsured, or had less insurance than needed to fully compensate you for all your losses, you can pursue uninsured and underinsured benefits under your own automobile insurance.

Damages in a Bicycle Crash

When you are injured in a bike crash where the driver is at fault, you are legally entitled to compensation for a variety of losses:

  • Lost income during recovery. While you are in the hospital or otherwise recovering from your injuries, you most likely cannot work for some period of time.
  • Loss of future income. If your bicycle accident left you with permanent injuries, you may not be unable to work the same job or as many hours as you once did. You are entitled to compensation for this loss of income, also known as impaired earning capacity.
  • Past and future medical bills.
  • Property damage. This includes damage to your bike, clothing and other property such as a mobile device.
  • Non-economic damages. Also known as “pain and suffering,” the injuries caused by an accident can result in a huge disruption in your normal activities and leave mental scars.

Kline Law Offices P.C. can assist you in recovering compensation for all your losses in a bicycle collision. Call us today at (503) 224-6246 to schedule a consultation.

Gathering Evidence in Your Bicycle-Car Accident

Convincing the driver’s insurance company to fully compensate a cyclist for all their injuries and losses frequently is an uphill battle. The driver and their insurer often try to place some or all of the blame on the cyclist.

Promptly gathering and preserving evidence and witness testimony can help defeat an attempt by the at-fault driver to shift blame.

Here are a few examples of evidence that can be useful in a bike wreck case:

  • Photos or videos of the accident scene, your bike, the other vehicle, and your injuries;
  • Video surveillance footage from cameras in the area that show the crash happening;
  • Medical records that confirm the cause, severity and any permanence of your injuries;
  • Statements from witnesses of the crash; and
  • A full work up by a crash reconstruction expert regarding exactly how and why the accident happened.

For assistance in gathering evidence and preserving your rights, contact an attorney experienced with Gresham bicycle injuries as soon as possible after a crash. An experienced lawyer can handle all the insurance and legal details so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Rob Kline Understands Bicyclists

bicycle attorney

Attorney Rob Kline is an avid cyclist. Rob understands what it is like to negotiate traffic and deal with inattentive and aggressive drivers. Let us help you prove your case against the driver who is legally responsible for your injuries. Call today for a free, confidential case evaluation.

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