Children & Window Fall Prevention

Kids become enamored with the world before they can crawl. It’s when they become more independently mobile that we need to double-check our homes to ensure they are safe for curious minds.

Oregon’s hot summers motivate us to open our windows, especially in the evening when cool breezes can help alleviate the heat. But this can be a true danger to curious or overheated kids, and it may be easy to think that a screen in an upper floor window is a safety net. In fact, screens are designed to keep bugs out and do nothing but give a false sense of security for keeping kids in.

The National SAFE KIDS Campaign reports that, according to the US Consumer Project Safety Commission, about 8 children, ages 6 and under, die each year from falling out of windows. Another 3,300 are injured enough to go to the hospital. In Oregon, about 50 children a year under the age of 13 suffer traumatic injuries from falling through an open window.

A few tips to protect children from window falls include:

  • Teach children to stay away from windows.
  • Never put a crib, bed or other furniture next to a window.
  • Do not depend on screens to keep children from falling out of windows.
  • Install window stops to limit how far a window can open or window guards to protect children from falling out of windows.
  • Ask about window safety when your child visits someone else’s home.

We want our kids to have the freedom to explore and discover and have fun. For summertime indoor fun, it is imperative that we ensure windows are safe. If you or your loved one have questions about window safety, call Rob Kline Personal Injury Lawyer at 503-224-6246.

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